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n. (alternative spelling of ray gun English)

Raygun (album)

Raygun was a five-song EP released by the Matthew Good Band in 1997 as a followup to their enormously popular indie release, Last of the Ghetto Astronauts. Distributed by A&M Records on Matthew Good's own imprint, Darktown, it was the first MGB album to include guitarist Dave Genn as a member of the band proper. The EP includes a newly recorded version of Haven't Slept In Years; it is not the original version found on Last of the Ghetto Astronauts.


A raygun is a type of fictional device that fires a beam of (usually) destructive energy used in science fiction; a form of directed-energy weapon. They have various alternate names: ray gun, death ray, beam gun, blaster, laser gun, phaser, zap gun etc. They are a well-known feature of science fiction; for such stories they typically have the general function of guns. In most stories, when activated, a raygun emits a ray, typically visible, usually lethal if it hits a human target, often destructive if it hits mechanical objects, with properties and other effects unspecified or varying.

Real-life analogues are particle-beam weapons or electrolasers, electroshock weapons which send current along an electrically conductive laser-induced plasma channel.

Raygun (band)

Raygun were a British band formerly signed to RCA Records.

Usage examples of "raygun".

He threw back his head and cackled, then drew a bulbous purple raygun from the pocket of his chinos.

Having a raygun poking you in the side of the head did things like that, the promises of the U.

Hanson heard a distinct click even though she was pretty damn sure that no raygun worth its salt would make a sound like a Colt .

No matter how much Jimmy might want to see his Morn rescued from this ugly situation (skinkifying raygun to temple), he didn't believe it could be done in the existing circumstances (skinkifying raygun to temple).

Hanson suggestively traced the curves of the madman's raygun with one finger "-- don't you believe that a woman like me could fall for a big, strong, mad scientist like you?

Oglethorpe made sure to keep his raygun trained on little Jimmy the whole time as surety for their good behavior.

Before they got to the airlock they procured some hand rayguns and a few atomic grenades from the weapons cabinet.

They all wore the deadly rayguns that, in other circumstances, could be used as welding tools.