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Rawu (also known as Rawok) is the name of a small town and village in Nyingchi Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. It is at an altitude of 3,807 m. (12,490 ft).

The modern town (population about 2,900) of about 20 shops and hotels services the loggers and nearby military base.

The town of Rawu is quite close to the original Tibetan village. To the southeast of the village is a large chorten and a small temple overlooking the beautiful Ngan-tso or Ranwu Lake, which is surrounded by magnificent snow-capped peaks and forests. It is 26 km by 2 km and consists of two sections connected by a small stream, is said to be Eastern Tibet's largest lake and attracts many tourists. There are small villages on both shores. The second lake, known as Rawak tso, is 7 km from the town. The main industry other than tourism is logging.