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Usage examples of "rawl".

McCoy, astrobiologist Mason, geologist Rawls and Science Officer Spock.

Munshun says, "zat ze yearz could be rawled avey vrum you jusst as ze stunn vas rawled avey from ze mouse of Cheezus Chrizze's doom.

And these, together with those of Lord Hoggle-Fitz and Rawl, caused somewhat of a stir among the rapidly assembling squadrons of the great garrison, plus whole coveys of excited citizenry, peering from the walls.

It was understood that a number of the student-warriors would be heggled as a result of their valor, and that Rawl and I and Fitz would name these men.

And, in true Camelot-Fregis style, after I had seated myself between Rawl and Chibu, one of our newly heggled students, the meal commenced again.

Frau Rawls wanted to go away from Grantville, build more and more MaidenFresh Laundries in other cities.