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Raut may refer to:


  • Raut, Kyrgyzstan, a town
  • Răut, a river in Moldova
  • , a mountain in Italy

  • Raut, old name of Ronchi Valsugana a town in Italy

Social groups:

  • Raut, a caste of Central India


  • Abhishek Raut (b. 1987), Indian cricketer
  • Aditya Raut (b. 1993 in Pune), Indian swimmer
  • Anant Raut, American lawyer
  • Bharatkumar Raut, Indian politician from Maharashtra, belonging to the Shiv Sena party
  • C. K. Raut, a Nepal-born US-based computer scientist, author and film-director
  • Chandrakant Raut, Indian cricketer
  • Harish Raut (1925 – 2002), Indian artist
  • Kavita Raut (b. 1985), Indian long-distance runner from Maharashtra
  • Nitin Raut, Indian politician from Maharashtra belonging to the Indian National Congress party
  • Poonam Raut, (b. 1989), Indian cricketer
  • Sachidananda Raut Ray (1916–2004), Indian Oriya-language poet
  • Sanjay Raut, Indian politician from Maharashtra, belonging to the Shiv Sena party
  • Shrikrishna Raut, Indian Marathi-language poet
  • Ujjwala Raut (b. 1978), Indian model


  • , a Sumatran (Batak) knife

Raut (caste)
Not to be confused with a Maratha clan of the same name.

Raut (also spelled as Rout or Rawat) is an Indian caste.

The Rauts are mainly found in the Chhattisgarh state, and the neighbouring states of Maharashtra, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh. Traditionally, they were predominantly distributed in the districts of Durg, Raipur, Bastar, Nagpur and Bhandara.

Usage examples of "raut".

It is the facsimile of the first draft by Peter Raut, the American progressive leader, of the Revolutionary Manifesto of 1937.

It was indisputably a very inspiring document in its time and Raut gave the last proof of loyalty to the best in his mind, by a courageous martyrdom.

They show that even while Raut, so far as his foresight permitted, was planning our new world, his thoughts were not wholly fixed on that end.