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Rausch is a German surname which has been held by many notable people, including:

  • Andrew J. Rausch (1973–), American film journalist, author, screenwriter, film producer, and actor
  • Barb Rausch (1941–2001), American comics artist and writer
  • David A. Rausch, American writer and journalist
  • Eberhard Rausch (1947–), German pair skater
  • Emil Rausch (1883–1954), German freestyle swimmer
  • Friedel Rausch (1940–), German football manager and former player
  • James Steven Rausch (1928–1981), Roman Catholic bishop
  • Konstantin Rausch (1990–), German footballer
  • Thomas Rausch, theologian
  • Wolfgang Rausch (1947–), German footballer