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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
rats' tails
(like) rats leaving the sinking ship
a plague of rats/locusts etc
▪ From Tracy Luv to Sarah-Lou, Corrie kids are as well-behaved as a plague of locusts.
▪ I wonder what really causes a plague of rats?
in rats' tails
Rats. I forgot to pick up my dry cleaning.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

expressing incredulity, disappointment, etc., 1886, from rat (n.).


interj. expression of annoyance; damn, darn. n. (plural of rat English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: rat)


RATS may refer to:

  • RATS (statistical package), Regression Analysis of Time Series, a statistical package
  • Rough Auditing Tool for Security, a computer program
  • Robot Astronomy Talk Show, an animated educational series that's part of NASA's IRrelevant Astronomy vodcast
  • R.A.T.S.(Robot Anti-Terror Squad) a 1980s toyline by Tomy
  • Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation's anti-terrorism branch
Rats (The Kinks song)

"Rats" is a song written by Dave Davies and performed by The Kinks on their album Lola versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One. It is the tenth song on the album, and has a duration of 2:40. John Dalton's bass work is a notable aspect of the song.

Rats (footballer)

Ambrósio Amaro Manuel Pascoal best known as Rats, (born 5 May 1977) is a retired Angolan football player. He has played for Angola national team.

Usage examples of "rats".

After brewing up the cyber-enhanced rats, the genetic engineers at the New Fabian Society's labs had tried for more heroic and idealistic helpers for mankind's war when the bats' soft-cyber units were downloaded.

The male rats always had their vocal synthesizers adjusted to a low pitch, in the attempt to sound like real he-rats.

In the narrow uncaved-in section of what had been their bunker, a handful of rats and a cluster of bats pressed against the sandbag-wall.

Even if the alien soft-cyber enhanced rats and bats, with all their goofy attitudes and ideas, were still more his kind of folk than those sons-of-Shareholders were, he'd still like to see a living human again.

The rats were fine excavators, but the main problem was where to put the uncompacted material they were digging out.

Even the tubby Fal moved with the startling speed that made the rats such powerful, if reluctant, allies in this war.

The Korozhet also had slowshields, and the wondrous soft-cyber implants which had uplifted the rats and bats.

They were veering away from the rocks, following the route the rats had taken.

There was no doubt about it: away from the trench-and-heavy-shelling warfare of the front, the combined skills of the human, rats and bats could lick five times their number of Maggots.

You and the rats can manage on half an hour snatches, but I'm running out of steam.

The gadget was designed for rats: smaller, overall, than the human version, but with an oversized striker to suit the relatively clumsy "fingers" of a rat's forepaws.

But he supposed if the worst came to the worst he could eat Maggot too, like the rats and bats.

The rats, nature's own looters, had carted away two of the Maggot patrol killed before the "command performance.

The rats could see better than he could in low light conditions, and of course the bats, to whom it mattered not at all, were at home in total darkness.

By the time they got back onto the ledge, the rats were considerably chastened.