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Raste is the surname of a family that was an important feudal family from Maratha Empire, the town of Wai, near Pune belonged to the Rastes. Their original surname was Gokhale, and they belonged to Velneshwar in Guhagar taluka of Ratnagiri district. They earned the Raste title which means one who displays fairness in Marathi, from the Bijapur monarchy for their integrity and honesty. Gopikabai, the daughter of Bhikaji Naik Raste then a big banker and supporter of Shahu, was married to Balaji Bajirao or Nanasaheb the third Peshwa, the eldest son of Bajirao I, and the grandson of Balaji Vishwanath Bhat, the first Peshwa. This was a political marriage, conducted by Shahu himself with the object of strengthening the office of the Peshwa. The marriage ceremony took place on 21 January 1730. Rasta peth a locality of Pune originally called Shivpuri Peth, was founded by and named after the family. Raste assisted the Peshwa in their Gujarat, Malwa & Karnataka military campaigns. Sardar Raste was Governor-cum-Vassal of the Peshawas. Rastes built several Temples, Ghats, Palaces in Wai and Pune. The family house in Pune, the Raste Wada, was built by Thorale Madhavrao the son of Nanasaheb, and later given to Rastes. This wada was destroyed in a fire on Thursday 27 May 2010. Raste Wada located in Rasta Peth of Pune is one of the largest remaining Wadas.

Noted Marathi historian and orator Ninad Bedekar traces ancestry to the Raste family

A well known Marathi Anchor & Event Organizer Swapnil Raste belong to the same Raste family