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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Raspy \Rasp"y\ (r[.a]sp"[y^]), a. Like a rasp, or the sound made by a rasp; grating.
--R. D. Blackmore.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1670s, of plants; by 1821 of voices, from rasp + -y (2).


a. 1 (context of sound English) rough, raw, especially used to describe vocal quality. 2 irritable.


adj. unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound; "a gravelly voice" [syn: grating, gravel, gravelly, rasping, rough]

Usage examples of "raspy".

She longed to bury her face and hands in their fur, feel their raspy tongues on her cheeks and fingersor flippers as the case might behear their thundering purrs or even their disdainful scolding.

His voice sounded raspy and she shivered, the single word creating goose bumbs over her skin.

As the couple walked up to their Buick, two mockingbirds flew away from its grill, one of them tweeting in a little-known dialect of the goldfinch, the other mixing a catbird cry with a raspy chord borrowed from a woodpecker.

Probation in the Central Courthouse, Core would whisper so his raspy voice would not carry beyond the rimpled plastic partitions.

She heaved a raspy breath and reached for another cigcome on-line in a particular file would be the moral arette, but only held it between her fingers.

Hiram Rangle had said in his raspy old-coot voice, his faded-blue eyes staring suspiciously out of his leathery brown face.

She turned her mind inward, slipped from the calm depths of the Green to the stiller, deeper, more silent Gray, and quickly wove her death spell around him, tying it to the rhythms of the bed, to the quickened heartbeat and raspy breathing.

The jailor held up one hand to fend any forthcoming blows, and shook his head with fright, his breath coming in short and raspy gasps.

Then it was the night-hawks that astonished him, those beautiful falcon-winged owl-colored birds, dashing after insects, beeping in a raspy, loud monotone.

At those times, I could hear his deep, raspy baritone as he reported to Willie in the study.

I couldn't stop to talk sense with chain-smoking, raspy voiced Darlene of Darlene's Antiques and Collectibles, or my son would explode.

His voice was still weak and thin and raspy as all get out, as if he’.

His head still felt stuffed with damp cotton wool, though, and the back of his throat was raspy with salt.

Mavin turned to see a small creature pick up a round stone from the side of the path, nibble at it experimentally, then nip it quickly with his teeth, faceting the stone, polishing it with a raspy black tongue before raking it to the path with its claws.

Back in the lounge, someone cleared his throat, a raspy sound in the bridge intercom speaker.