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Rask (disambiguation)

Rask is a city in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran.

Rask may also refer to:

  • Rask, Bardsir, Kerman Province, a village
  • Rask-i-Du, Kuhbanan County, Kerman Province, a village
  • Rask-i-Sar, Kuhbanan County, Kerman Province, a village
  • Rask, Qaleh Ganj, Kerman Province, a village
  • HNoMS Rask'', two Royal Norwegian Navy patrol boats
  • Rask (surname)
Rask (surname)

Rask is a surname which may refer to:

  • Gertrud Rask (1673–1735), Norwegian missionary to Greenland
  • Grethe Rask (1930-1977), Danish physician and surgeon who became one of the first non-Africans to die due to AIDS
  • Joonas Rask (born 1990), Finnish National Hockey League forward; younger brother of Tuukka Rask (below)
  • Mikkel Rask (born 1983), Danish footballer
  • Ola Rask (born 1940), Swedish politician
  • Rasmus Christian Rask (1787-1832), Danish scholar and philologist
  • Svend Aage Rask (born 1935), Danish footballer
  • Tuukka Rask (born 1987), Finnish National Hockey League goalie
  • Victor Rask (born 1993), Swedish National Hockey League player

Usage examples of "rask".

A golden decanter sat ready upon its surface, flanked by twelve matching goblets, each with a spray of Rask bloodstones upon its lip.

Then Rask of Treve looked about himself, making swift inspection of his men and tarns, and their burdens, riches and slave girls.

No longer did I wear in my left ear the silver leaf, identifying me as a catch of Rask, a warrior and raider of the city of Treve.

The silver leaf was then returned to him who kept the ledger for Rask of Treve, and he dropped the leaf, with others, into a nearby box.

I knew I had been sold by Rask of Treve to a slaver for fifteen copper tarsks.

Then he hurried down the dim corridors of the barracks toward the mess, following Yular, and with Pahl and Rask behind him.

Professor Rask, a well known Danish linguist, during his inquiries in the East, found other copies of it, and gave to the world such information and proofs as could not be suspected.

The work, which was begun three quarters of a century ago by Grotefend, and pursued by archaeologists such as Rask, St.

It was luck, not skill, that enabled the cowardly River warrior to fell the heavier man with a spear in the guts, for Rask slipped in the mud underfoot and before he was able to recover his footing, Charak had thrust the spear into him.

  The antiquity of the Zendavesta has likewise been asserted by Rask, the great Danish linguist, who, according to Malcolm, brought back from the East fresh transcripts and additions to those published by Anquetil.