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n. A small fish, of the ''Cyprinidae'' family, similar to a minnow.


Rasbora is a genus of small minnow-type fish in the family Cyprinidae (carps). Fish from genera such as Boraras, Microrasbora, and Trigonostigma are also commonly referred to as rasboras but are not members of the genus Rasbora. The genera Boraras and Trignonstigma were split from Rasbora. Currently, the genus Rasbora remains the largest one which can be found in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Most of the rasboras are small, up to 10 cm long. A number of species are regularly kept in aquariums.

In a 2007 analysis, Rasbora was found to not be a monophyletic assemblage; however, both Boraras and Trigonostigma were determined to be monophyletic.