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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rare \Rare\, a. [Compar. Rarer (r[^a]r"[~e]r); superl. Rarest.] [Cf. AS. hr[=e]r, or E. rare early. [root]18.] Nearly raw; partially cooked; not thoroughly cooked; underdone; as, rare beef or mutton.

New-laid eggs, which Baucis' busy care Turned by a gentle fire, and roasted rare.

Note: This word is in common use in the United States, but in England its synonym underdone is preferred.


Rare \Rare\, a. [Compar. Rarer (r[^a]r"[~e]r); superl. Rarest.] [F., fr. L. rarus thin, rare.]

  1. Not frequent; seldom met with or occurring; unusual; as, a rare event.

  2. Of an uncommon nature; unusually excellent; valuable to a degree seldom found.

    Rare work, all filled with terror and delight.

    Above the rest I judge one beauty rare.

  3. Thinly scattered; dispersed.

    Those rare and solitary, these in flocks.

  4. Characterized by wide separation of parts; of loose texture; not thick or dense; thin; as, a rare atmosphere at high elevations.

    Water is nineteen times lighter, and by consequence nineteen times rarer, than gold.
    --Sir I. Newton.

    Syn: Scarce; infrequent; unusual; uncommon; singular; extraordinary; incomparable.

    Usage: Rare, Scarce. We call a thing rare when but few examples, specimens, or instances of it are ever to be met with; as, a rare plant. We speak of a thing as scarce, which, though usually abundant, is for the time being to be had only in diminished quantities; as, a bad harvest makes corn scarce.

    A perfect union of wit and judgment is one of the rarest things in the world.

    When any particular piece of money grew very scarce, it was often recoined by a succeeding emperor.


a. (en-comparative of: rare)

Usage examples of "rarer".

Inflata rore non Achaico verba are rarer with him: although superficially mannered, nature is so much nearer to him, that far fewer of his pieces have lost vitality and interest through adherence to forms of feeling or fashions of thought now obsolete.

With rare insight and rarer taste he discountenanced the prevalent Merovingian hand, and substituted in eclectic hand, known as the Carolingian Minuscule, which way still be regarded as a model of clearness and elegance.

It was something rarer than perfect beauty, yet even more difficult to describe,--a serene, unconscious grace, a pure, lofty maturity of womanhood, such as our souls bow down to in the Santa Barbara of Palma Vecchio.

Chateau Ste Roseline, delicately fruity, and an uncommon find in England, where the warm weather which fosters the appreciation of such summery wines is normally rarer yet.

The reporter used extreme care in the dressing, knowing well the importance of it, and repeating to his companions that which most surgeons willingly admit, that it is perhaps rarer to see a dressing well done than an operation well performed.

He had a very quick eye for plant forms and colours, rapidly saw and picked a rare white clover, and found a still rarer four-leaved one.

He spoke seldom, and his smile, which was rarer, never reached past his lips.

The sign of this consummation was his ability at last to play with his art, and thus to add to his already famous achievements in sentimental drama that lighthearted art of comedy of which the greatest masters, like Moliere and Mozart, are so much rarer than the tragedians and sentimentalists.

In poetry and painting, where the cultivation is far rarer, greater excellence has been attained by many women.

In general he wrote logically, and, which is rarer, was even capable of being made to see where his logic was wrong.

Walter happened to know a few of the rarer sort, and found himself in his element.