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Raquette may refer to:

Usage examples of "raquette".

Jeannin had laid siege to a more inaccessible beauty, who had refused to listen to his sighs for less than 30 crowns, paid in advance, and de Jars had become quite absorbed by his adventure with the convent boarder at La Raquette, and the business of that young stranger whom he passed off as his nephew.

While the case was going on she had retired to the convent of La Raquette, where her intrigue with de Jars began.

John Reddy abandoned it, for it could too easily be identified, and its gas tank was empty, and John Reddy hot-wired a newmodel Jeep to take its place, fleeing then in the Jeep on his panicked northeast trajectory through suburban Syracuse, Phoenix, Parish, Fernwood, Pulaski, Salmon River, now in the Adirondacks through Constableville, Old Forge, Big Moose, Raquette Lake, Lost Lake and Mount Nazarene where, on foot, in a desolate landscape he would be captured two hundred and miles from Willowsville and seventy-two hours after the shooting death of Melvin Riggs, Jr.

And seemingly, having her accolade he waited for no more, but ran to join his fellows, who had collected his raquette and balls as well as their own, and were obviously waiting for him to go to the tennis court.

London had been a set of three tennis raquettes with a faint feeling of magic about them.