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Raqīb, in Arabic رقيب, also transliterated raqeeb, is an Arabic word meaning overseer, also sometimes translated by words such as watcher, controller, supervisor or observer.

The word has two major uses in the Arab world. As a religious term, it is one of the Islamic names of God, and as a result features in the Muslim names Abdurraqib, Abdul Raqeeb, etc., meaning "slave of the watcher/overseer".

As a military term, "overseer" designates a military rank, conventionally considered equivalent to sergeant in other countries, and has variations such as "first overseer" etc.

In Arab armies, raqīb overseer ranks are superior to the rank of'' 'arīf'' (Arabic: عريف), which means "expert" and is equivalent to corporal in many other countries. Raqīb ranks are immediately below the ranks of "assistant" (Arabic: مساعد) and "first assistant", which are equivalent to Commonwealth ranks of warrant officer.