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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Tom mumbled on in his own way, a little flattered at the rapt attention he was receiving.
▪ Twice he drew her stylish silhouette in rapt attention in the Louvre.
▪ Victor's face as the match flares in front of it has the rapt attention of a man lighting a fuse.
▪ As Father Tim read, Barnabas awoke, yawned, and began to listen with rapt attention.
▪ In the early days it was like cinema in the home, watched with rapt attention.
▪ The entire audience stayed at rapt attention while the last part of the speech was translated into the vernacular.
▪ She quavers along with the congregation and is all rapt attention when the vicar does his bit.
▪ Indeed, although a display of rapt attention is required, the executive may not feel it necessary to listen.
▪ It was watching the Ship with a strange, rapt expression.
▪ As Father Tim read, Barnabas awoke, yawned, and began to listen with rapt attention.
▪ Ashi had no doubt the woman would have been as rapt at his polite charm and elegance as she herself had once been.
▪ Indeed, although a display of rapt attention is required, the executive may not feel it necessary to listen.
▪ Tom mumbled on in his own way, a little flattered at the rapt attention he was receiving.
▪ Twice he drew her stylish silhouette in rapt attention in the Louvre.
▪ Victor's face as the match flares in front of it has the rapt attention of a man lighting a fuse.
▪ We have spent two whole days from sun-up till sun-down in rapt conversation.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rap \Rap\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Rapped (r[a^]pt), usually written Rapt; p. pr. & vb. n. Rapping.] [OE. rapen; akin to LG. & D. rapen to snatch, G. raffen, Sw. rappa; cf. Dan. rappe sig to make haste, and Icel. hrapa to fall, to rush, hurry. The word has been confused with L. rapere to seize. Cf. Rape robbery, Rapture, Raff, v., Ramp, v.]

  1. To snatch away; to seize and hurry off.

    And through the Greeks and Ilians they rapt The whirring chariot.

    From Oxford I was rapt by my nephew, Sir Edmund Bacon, to Redgrove.
    --Sir H. Wotton.

  2. To hasten. [Obs.]
    --Piers Plowman.

  3. To seize and bear away, as the mind or thoughts; to transport out of one's self; to affect with ecstasy or rapture; as, rapt into admiration.

    I'm rapt with joy to see my Marcia's tears.

    Rapt into future times, the bard begun.

  4. To exchange; to truck. [Obs. & Low]

  5. To engage in a discussion, converse.

  6. (ca. 1985) to perform a type of rhythmic talking, often with accompanying rhythm instruments. It is considered by some as a type of music; see rap music.

    To rap and ren, To rap and rend. [Perhaps fr. Icel. hrapa to hurry and r[ae]na plunder, fr. r[=a]n plunder, E. ran.] To seize and plunder; to snatch by violence.
    --Dryden. ``[Ye] waste all that ye may rape and renne.''

    All they could rap and rend and pilfer.

    To rap out, to utter with sudden violence, as an oath.

    A judge who rapped out a great oath.


Rapt \Rapt\, n. [From F. rapt abduction, rape, L. raptus, fr. rapere to seize and carry off, to transport; or fr. E. rapt, a. See Rapt, a., and Rapid.]

  1. An ecstasy; a trance. [Obs.]
    --Bp. Morton.

  2. Rapidity. [Obs.]
    --Sir T. Browne.


Rapt \Rapt\, v. t.

  1. To transport or ravish. [Obs.]

  2. To carry away by force. [Obs.]


Rapt \Rapt\ (r[a^]pt), imp. & p. p. of Rap, to snatch away.


Rapt \Rapt\, a.

  1. Snatched away; hurried away or along.

    Waters rapt with whirling away.

  2. Transported with love, admiration, delight, etc.; enraptured. ``The rapt musician.''

  3. Wholly absorbed or engrossed, as in work or meditation. ``Rapt in secret studies.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "carried away in an ecstatic trance," from Latin raptus, past participle of rapere "seize, carry off" (see rape (v.)). A figurative sense, the notion is of "carried up into Heaven (bodily or in a dream)," as in a saint's vision. Latin literal sense of "carried away" was in English from 1550s. In 15c.-17c. the word also sometimes could mean "raped." Sense of "engrossed" first recorded c.1500. As a past participle adjective, in English it spawned the back-formed verb rap "to affect with rapture," which was common c.1600-1750.

  1. 1 (context uncomparable archaic English) Snatched, taken away; abducted. 2 (context uncomparable English) Lifted up into the air; transported into heaven. 3 (context comparable English) Very interested, involved in something, absorbed, transfixed; fascinated or engrossed. 4 (context comparable English) enthusiastic; ecstatic, elated, happy. n. 1 (context obsolete English) An ecstasy; a trance. 2 (context obsolete English) rapidity v

  2. 1 (context obsolete English) To transport or ravish. 2 (context obsolete English) To carry away by force.

  1. adj. deeply moved; "sat completely still, enraptured by the music"; "listened with rapt admiration"; "rapt in reverie" [syn: enraptured, captive]

  2. wholly absorbed as in thought; "deep in thought"; "that engrossed look or rapt delight"; "the book had her totally engrossed"; "enwrapped in dreams"; "so intent on this fantastic...narrative that she hardly stirred"- Walter de la Mare; "rapt with wonder"; "wrapped in thought" [syn: absorbed, engrossed, enwrapped, intent, wrapped]

Rapt (film)

Rapt is a 2009 French-Belgian dramatic film directed by Lucas Belvaux and starring Yvan Attal. It was nominated for 4 César Awards in 2010, including Best Film. It was released in France on 18 November 2009.

The film is inspired by the true story of the kidnapping of Édouard-Jean, 3rd Baron Empain, a very wealthy Hungarian-born Belgian aristocrat. The kidnapping of Baron Empain took place in Paris in January 1978.


Rapt or RAPT may refer to:

  • Rapt (film), a 2009 French dramatic film
  • Rapt: la séparation des races, a 1934 film directed by Dimitri Kirsanoff
  • Rapt. Dept., a 2005 single/EP from Yourcodenameis:Milo
  • Rapt, a king of the Hasdingi Vandals
  • Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust, a charity which helps people with drug and alcohol dependence move towards, achieve and maintain drug and crime-free lives
  • Reverse Address and Port Translation, a variation of Network Address Translation in computing
  • Retractable Amphibious Pontoon Technology, a retractable pontoon system for the float plane industry being developed by Tigerfish Aviation
  • RAPT1, a symbol for the mammalian target of rapamycin protein
  • RATP Group (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens), the world's fifth largest public transport company operating all modes of collective mobility – bus, metro, trains and trams. 1

Usage examples of "rapt".

Real-Being of all that authentically is--in the Real-Being which looks, rapt, towards the very Highest.

Then, leaping upon the horse, whose bridle he was holding, he forced it to rear, caracole and display its spirit and its paces before Domini, sitting it superbly, and shooting many sly glances at Suzanne, who leaned over the parapet of the verandah watching, with a rapt expression on her face.

He explained them at great length to Cilia, who used every particle of her acting ability in looking rapt with fascination.

She was somewhat relieved to find that a lecture on the credit control implications of time travel was sufficient to hold the rapt if slightly incomprehending attention of the three youth leaders from clade Todt, whatever that was.

Beside her, Gordian stared out the heavy windows facing the pad with rapt fascination.

In the morning of life they are rapt by intoxicating visions of some great haberdashery business, beckoned to by the voluptuous enticements of the legal profession, or maybe the Holy Grail they forswear all else to seek is a snug editorial chair.

We recited together lines from our best poets, and all the time she was still sitting down and I standing before her, with my looks rapt in the contemplation of the most lovely charms, to which I remained insensible in appearance, for I had made up my mind not to press her that evening for greater favours than those I had already received.

He was mounted on an enormous white horse that stood as rapt as its master, and he carried in his right hand, with its butt resting on the stirrup, a high, smooth jousting lance, which stood up among the tree stumps, higher and higher, till it was outlined against the velvet sky.

The loud ones would be dismayed to know what the farmers and ranchers think about their clots of subdivision homes clustered on tiny city lots, cheek on jowel with each other, listening with rapt attention as their neighbors flush the toilet.

She sank her chin in her hands, pondering the plan with a rapt look on her face, and was discovered in this absorption by Lucius Kennet, who strolled in towards noon to see how she did.

He showed her at the head of an army of men and women, all gazing at her with rapt, worshipful eyes, all ready to dieor to killat her command.

This with a significant glance toward the Laureate, who, sunk in his ivory chair, seemed rapt in meditation.

Theos at once joined him, and the two friends, holding each other fast by the arm, gazed down on the silent, mighty multitude around them,--a huge concourse of the citizens of Al-Kyris, who, strange as this part of their behavior seemed, still paid no heed to the presence of their Laureate, but with pale, rapt faces and anxious, frightened eyes, riveted their attention entirely on the sombre, blackgarmented Prophet whose thin ghostly arms, outstretched above them, appeared to mutely invoke in their behalf some special miracle of mercy.

Stafford let the boat drift and leant upon the oars, his eyes fixed on her face, a rapt and very eloquent admiration in his own.

Since Evelyn was equally preoccupied, rapt upon a stunning display of equestrian showmanship, it was not surprising that Nidget should have found it easy to slip away.