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n. (plural of rap English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: rap)


RAPS or Raps may refer to:

  • Rapping, spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics
  • Ram Air Progression System, a parachuting training method
  • Remote-area power supply, an off-the-grid electricity system
  • "Raps", a nickname for the Toronto Raptors

Usage examples of "raps".

Then raps began on the window panes, and so the miller and gardener patrolled outside.

The family now moved to their town house, and the inquest continued, though the raps were only heard near the lady.

It is based on the possibility of imitating the raps, the difficulty of locating them, and the fact that the flying objects were never seen to start.

The spirits most often speak by means of raps on the table, but Katherine tells me that the spirit of her little boy spoke directly, through the floating megaphone.

Two raps plus the bell rang and the rattle and tambourine played, and Nan found herself feeling very sorry for the poor, silly woman.

Two raps, and Nan had to control her temper, which flared at that moment.

Madeleine and evidence suppression raps propelled me into the dive after my partner.