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Rapp or RAPP may refer to:

  • Rapp (surname)
  • Rapp, West Virginia
  • HNoMS Rapp, the name of several Norwegian navy ships
  • Russian Association of Proletarian Writers
  • Fort Rapp, a fort in France
  • Rapp Motorenwerke, early 20th-century German aircraft engine manufacturer and predecessor to BMW
Rapp (surname)

Rapp is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adam Rapp (born 1968), American novelist
  • Alfred Rapp (1933–2011), German politician
  • Anders Rapp (1927–1998), Swedish geomorphologist
  • Anthony Rapp
  • Barbara Rapp (born 1972), Austrian artist
  • Bernard Rapp (1945–2006), French film director and television news presenter
  • C. J. Rapp
  • Danny Rapp
  • George Rapp (1757–1847), pietist, German-American religious leader of the Harmony Society
  • Jean Rapp (1771–1821), French lieutenant general
  • Karl Friedrich Rapp, (1882-1962), German engineer, founder of Rapp Motorenwerke GmbH
  • Katharina Rapp (born 1948), German artist
  • Lea Bayers Rapp (born 1946), American non-fiction writer
  • Marcello Rapp, better known as "Cello Dias", bass guitarist for Against All Will
  • Mitch Rapp, fictional character
  • Peter Rapp (born 1983), German long jumper
  • Philip Rapp
  • Ray Rapp
  • Richard Rapp, former New York City Ballet dancer
  • Siegfried Rapp (1915–1982), German one-handed classical pianist
  • Tom Rapp (born 1947), American singer-songwriter
  • Vern Rapp
RAPP (organization)
  1. redirect Russian Association of Proletarian Writers