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n. (plural of raping English)

Usage examples of "rapings".

We can now confirm that Basser Assad was present at Aleppo Four, apparently watching the rapings and torture from behind a two-way mirror.

Masgro Faa found women, as Masgro always did, and although Vaylo himself didn't take part in the rapings, he watched as others did.

Perhaps, as I later speculated, his abnormal behavior was caused by a combination of long isolation from his tribe (all dead), the sickness of the infant and the female’s concern for it and refusal to mate with him, and the lust aroused by observing the man’s rapings of his woman prisoner.

Over and over again, as seen through Star Spoon's eyes, the rapings were shown on large screens, in living color, and at high volume.

It seemed that the women were somehow finding time to pay them back for the rapings and killings.

Let us suppose he gives her a few initial rapings, if only to get the feel of her body.