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Rapha (sportswear)

Rapha Performance Roadwear is a sportswear and lifestyle brand focused on road bicycle racing, clothing and accessories. Rapha headquarters are in London with a United States office in Portland, Oregon.

Rapha (video gamer)

Shane Hendrixson (born March 16, 1989 in Rockford, Illinois), also known by his pseudonymrapha, is an American professional esports Quake Live, Quake III Arena, and ShootMania player of the team SK Gaming. Since he appeared in 2008, he has won thirteen major Quake tournaments and has placed top three in virtually every other participating tournament. Due to Hendrixson's consistent career performance and calculated style of play, he is considered to be one of the greatest Quake players of all time.

After four years of limited practice—able to play a mere two to six weeks out of each year—Hendrixson joined SK Gaming in 2008. He immediately emerged as a top contender, taking third place at the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) USA and grand finals. His calculated ability, illustrated by timing, predicting, and positioning, earned him the nickname "five steps ahead," which has been jokingly echoed by the community. At the end of his opening year, he took first place at the ESWC Masters of Athens and followed that achievement with two first place victories in 2009 and five more in 2010, securing his status as a leading player.

Throughout his career, he has won over $100,000 USD in cash and prizes from professional competitions worldwide.


Rapha may refer to:

  • Rapha (sportswear), a sportswear brand
  • Shane Hendrixson, the pseudonym of the professional electronic sports player

Usage examples of "rapha".

He glanced across the room and saw Rapha leaning down over the woman, something clutched in her hand as she spoke softly to the woman in the bed.

There were any number of ways he could protect Rapha from the Valerians.

Arab strode across the room, caught Rapha up in his arms, and carried her out.