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Crossword clues for rapes


n. (plural of rape English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: rape)

Usage examples of "rapes".

I would therefore recommend a thorough trawl of both solved and unsolved rapes and serious sexual assaults over the last five years in an attempt to establish crime linkage and develop a suspect.

But all his other rapes were late-night back street jobs, and none of his other victims were blondes.

Your program thinks that whoever killed Susan Blanchard is the same man who committed four rapes and two serious sexual assaults in the course of the previous two years.

The stories covered every one of the rapes Terry had identified as being part of the cluster, as well as a couple of general pieces in North London free sheets about the prevalence of sexual attacks in the area.

The man who rapes a solitary herdwoman or fisher-woman is everywhere scorned as a man who cannot get a woman willing!