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n. One who rapes; a rapist.


n. someone who forces another to have sexual intercourse [syn: rapist]


A raper, or rapist, is someone who commits rape. Raper is also a north of England surname meaning "a maker of ropes".

Raper may also refer to:

In sport:

  • Aaron Raper, Australian rugby league footballer and coach
  • Johnny Raper, Australian rugby league footballer and coach
  • Ron Raper, Australian rugby league footballer and coach
  • Stanley Raper, English cricketer
  • Stuart Raper, Australian rugby league footballer and coach

In military:

  • George Raper, late 18th Century naval officer and illustrator
  • Henry Raper, 19th Century naval officer and navigator

In science:

  • Kenneth B. Raper, American mycologist with the standard author abbreviation "Raper"

In entertainment:

  • The Battle Raper series of 3D fighting games

Usage examples of "raper".

In Biter if you had a mind you could move Geoff Raper over in the galley and cook your bacon any way you liked.

This book is invaluable to anyone who fears that his home might be invaded, at any moment, by rioters, rapers, looters, dope addicts, niggers, Reds or any other group.

All according to thy goodness and love, let death run free among the Zionist white devils, the usurpers and rapers of the land.

The same confrontation with reality is needed with date rapers, sexual harassers on the job, and rapists.

We got a shine queer who bit his boyfriend's dick off, a fat blond guy with a kiddie raper jacket who bites little girls and two guys who match our description--both in Atascadero for aggravated assault.

Today's beat cop in any large city is a sitting duck for snipers, rapers, dope addicts, bomb-throwers and communist fruits.

Twisting to look over his shoulder, Baby Raper saw Snapper hold the CD up to the sky, like a chrome communion wafer.