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vb. (en-past of: rape)

  1. adj. having been robbed and destroyed by force and violence; "the raped countryside" [syn: despoiled, pillaged, ravaged, sacked]

  2. sexually abused [syn: assaulted, molested]

Usage examples of "raped".

Last fall, two teen-age girls were taken forcibly from their dates and raped by several members of the gang.

Spirit did not know whether she had been raped, or gotten free just before that, and thought it best not to ask.

They were children, but she was pretty sure they would get raped before the pirates departed.

Hope had not wanted to sully the memory of Helse by being intimate with any other woman, and gentle Juana had been raped by pirates and afraid of sex.

Fogleman had a videotape in which William was shown telling West Memphis detectives that once, when Damien was drunk, he had confessed to him that he was a member of a satanic cult and that he had raped the three eight-year-old boys, then killed them with a knife.

Coincidentally or not, at approximately the same time, Damien wrote letters to state officials and to the media, claiming that the veteran inmate had repeatedly raped and beaten him.

At least two of the boys were raped and forced to perform oral sex on Baldwin and Echols.

I believe the story has been enhanced by the sorceresses, and by the Minions as they raped their way through Eutracia.

The monster who had raped and ordered the multiple rape and ultimate death of his mother.

He crouched there in his cage, staring in wonder at the woman who had raped him presumably only a few hours earlier.

The doctor who examined you said it looked like you had been raped by half a dozen men, or one very brutal man.

If he raped you, if he hurt you, if you were abused, then there were extenuating circumstances.

And for the next several days, David did everything he could to try to convince her to tell the police that her father had raped her, had been for years.

And justifiable force if they believed her story that he had raped her that night and over the previous four years, and she was defending herself against his potentially life-threatening attack on her person.

They believed that John Adams had done something to her, though they were not quite sure what, and they did not believe that he had raped her, then or ever.