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She pushed her around the streets to the local park in a thirdhand stroller given to her by Ranier House, and she fed her and bathed her and dressed her up in the free hand-out clothes, as if she were a little doll.

Lily was trying to find some evidence of wrongdoing, of guilt or malevolence, but General Ranier was swamping her with concern.

I'll try to feel out General Ranier, but I haven't been able to reach him.

Give me an hour to sleep and we can go to General Ranier and see if he'll help us.

General Ranier was taking an active part in their day-to-day operations.

In fact, we were honored for saving General Ranier and breaking this thing wide open.

You must get a message to General Ranier (he is Colonel Higgens's direct superior) and let him know what's going on.

He called General Ranier, Colonel Higgens's direct commander, and insisted on being brought on board.

We'll have some very important people and several generals there, including McEntire and Ranier, and I'll need you to help out.

It would clear you and the others and General Ranier would have to listen.

Ryland fed the energy already pouring into the room, using the power of their minds to twist the gun pointed at General Ranier away from him.

When Nico fired the silenced shot, a bullet precisely between the eyes of the man holding Ranier hostage, there would be no chance of the gun going off and killing the general.

I did get one nugget of interesting information from Hayward, though: they found a reference to the name Ranier Beckmann in a temporary Internet directory on the computer.

That he was unable to find any information at all on this Ranier Beckmann.

We track down this Ranier Beckmann, and we do more background research on the strange nature of our two deaths.