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Ransome may refer to:

  • Ransome, Queensland, Australia, a suburb of Brisbane
  • 6440 Ransome, an asteroid
  • Ransome Airlines, a regional airline in the United States
  • Ransome (surname)
  • Ransome Gillett Holdridge (1836-1899), an early San Francisco school painter
  • Ransome Judson Williams (1872-1970), American politician and 102nd Governor of South Carolina
Ransome (surname)

Ransome is the surname of:

  • Arthur Ransome (1884–1967), English author and journalist
  • Ernest L. Ransome (1852–1917), Anglo-American architect and concrete engineer
  • Frederick Ransome (1818–1893), British inventor of artificial stone
  • Frederick Leslie Ransome (1868–1934), English-American geologist
  • James Allen Ransome (1806–1875), British agricultural machinery manufacturer and writer, grandson of Robert Ransome
  • Prunella Ransome (1943–2002), English actress
  • Robert Ransome (1753–1830), British founder of an agricultural machinery maker