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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ranny \Ran"ny\ (r[a^]n"n[y^]), n. [L. araneus mus, a kind of small mouse.] (Zo["o]l.) The erd shrew. [Scot.]


n. (context obsolete outside dialects English) A shrew (in the sense of the mouselike animal).

Usage examples of "ranny".

He had not been surprised, therefore, to learn that young Larrabie and his friend, Ranny Coulter, were consulting the agency.

It was bad enough that way, and Ranny here, and Fred Barton and myself decided to work on the thing, try to get that monster.

Agent saw the door of the Coulter house open, saw Ranny Coulter and Jack Larrabie come out and start to descend the steps to the sidewalk.

Everybody was gathered around the still smouldering body of Ranny Coulter, commiserating with his hysterical parents who had rushed out of the house.

The murders in Belvidere Road, the horrible killing of Ranny Coulter, and the abduction of young Larrabie were the subjects of excited comment throughout the city.

The Agent saw the frantic, running specks which were men and women in panic, he saw a sheet of flame in the street, and his lips compressed grimly as he realized that this was the burning body of Ranny Coulter.

While Ada was kept in bed and Ranny, the baby, needed her care, she refused to break down and forced her tired bones to obey her commands.

It is hard to tear up the roots of generations, but I have few tendrils, and by the time Ranny is old enough for school, you will probably feel at home in the city.

Sometimes, toward sunset, Ada and he would stroll up the street, with Ranny running between them, and for a little while they would watch from the opposite pavement to see the Bland family come in or go out.

His workshop in the basement sheltered, to the delight of Ranny and other children on the block, a variety of pets he had rescued from ill-treatment.

John Fincastle ascended the steps to the balcony, Ranny dashed across the street from a vacant lot and climbed the steep flight beside him.

But Ranny was a baby then, and now he is so knowing for his age that it makes me anxious about him.

When Ranny had finished his lessons, she followed him upstairs to see that he washed his hands and brushed his teeth before going to bed.

From their gate Ranny darted out to her with the news that his grandfather had already gone to the hospital.

The nurse had gone down to her lunch, John Fincastle and Ranny had just left, and they were alone in the room.