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n. A stanza of Irish poetry.

Rann (fictional planet)

Rann is a fictional planet in the Polaris star system (formerly the Alpha Centauri System) of the whose capital city is Ranagar. Rann is most famous for being the adopted planet of the Earth explorer and hero Adam Strange and for their teleportation device called the Zeta Beam. The planet Rann, along with her famous non-native son, first appeared in Showcase #17 (November–December 1958).

Rann (disambiguation)

Rann is a fictional planet in the Polaris star system of the DC Comics Universe. Rann may also refer to:

Rann (film)

Rann (English: Battle) is a 2010 Indian political thriller film written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma. The film stars Amitabh Bachchan, Paresh Rawal, Sudeep, Ritesh Deshmukh, and Gul Panag in pivotal roles. Upon release, Rann was premiered at Toronto International Film Festival. Rann could not grab any audience attention and was considered as one of the flop movies released in 2010.

Usage examples of "rann".

Not for the first time that night did he wish that Rann, his bond-brother, was there.

It depended on how he fared in the Fateing, and on whether Rann chose to return home in the eighth before the next one or remain where he was, at Gem-Hold-Winter.

The rest he was free - to play hermit with Strynn and Rann if he so choose.

Eight, but it was good to see Rann again, even if his bond-brother was standing there grinning a lot and saying nothing.

Too much had happened since Rann had left Tir-Eron at the beginning of the previous eighth.

Strynn, embarrassed at having excluded her, though she knew he and Rann had shared far more of.

I know Rann almost as well as he does because for two years you never saw one without the other, and Fate was always throwing the three of us together.

Closeness was nothing to be ashamed of, and Rann was his bond-brother: one level less close than actual family and the same as a spouse before Law, if not by convention.

Avall linger near the cooler window wall, which weakness Rann ruthlessly exploited.

Avall gasped, as he feinted around Rann to knock the ball toward the glass wall.

Caught off guard, Rann stumbled a few steps the wrong way, which gave Avall clear advantage.

So maybe Rann was speaking normally but he was hearing him at a faster rate.

His hand closed on the gem as Rann reached for it, and snatched it away, even as he pushed with his other hand.

He tried to buck him away, but Rann was as angry - or frightened, or concerned - as Avall had ever seen him, and held on for dear life.

But he also realized that those were things he had no right to feel, no right to know - except that another part of him knew Rann was inside him the same way, feeling the weight of his own body pressing down on himself, and knowing his thoughts and feelings and.