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n. (context Australia slang pejorative English) An orange-haired or red-haired person.


Ranga may refer to:

  • Akita ranga, an 18th-century painting movement in Japan
  • B. S. Ranga (born 1917), Indian photographer
  • Konda Venkata Ranga Reddy (1890–1970), Indian politician in Andhra Pradesh, participant in the Telangana rebellion
  • N G Ranga, Indian leader
  • Ranga Ediriwickrama, Australian rules footballer
  • Ranga Sohoni (1918–1993), Indian Test cricketer
  • S. V. Ranga Rao (1918–1974), South Indian actor, director and producer
Ranga (film)

Ranga is a 1982 Tamil film starring Rajinikanth, Radhika and K. R. Vijaya in prominent roles. Produced by Devar Films, the film was directed by R. Thyagarajan. The film received positive reviews and became a hit at the box office and become a cult film.

Usage examples of "ranga".

A FEELING of peace settled over Jim Munson as the dugout rounded the looping bend in Moolu River that marked the boundary of the Ranga elephant country.

The apartment lights flickered wildly, and the telephone ranga single long note that went on and on.