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Raney is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Albert Raney, Sr. (contemporary), developer of Mystic Caverns in Arkansas, USA
  • Catherine Raney (born 1980), American Olympic speed skater
  • Chad Raney (contemporary), American entrepreneur; founder of Lone Star Music
  • Doug Raney (born 1956), American jazz guitarist; son of Jimmy Raney
  • George P. Raney (1845–1911), American politician and jurist; justice of the Florida Supreme Court 1885–1894
  • Jimmy Raney (1927–1995), American jazz guitarist
  • John Henry Raney (1849–1928), American politician from Missouri; U.S. representative 1895–97
  • John N. Raney (born 1947), American politician and businessman
  • Murray Raney (1885–1966), American mechanical engineer; inventor of Raney nickel
  • Paul Hartley Raney (1892–1917), Canadian fighter pilot killed in World War I
  • Sue Raney (born 1940), American jazz singer
  • Tom Raney, comic-book artist.
  • Wayne Raney (1921–1993), American country singer
  • William Raney (1859–1933), Canadian lawyer, politician, and judge from Ontario

Usage examples of "raney".

Between the horrible, senseless murder of her dear friend and boss Elaine Wager and the unrelenting demands of her wonderful but high-maintenance fourteen-year-old daughter Raney, she had averaged less than three hours of sleep for the past four nights.

When they got in, they discovered that Raney had crashed on the sofa in front of the tube.

Patton were the two black women Kate had interviewed yesterday, Raney and Audie.

Reaching into her jacket for her gun, Kate pushed her way through the women, shoving the screaming Raney aside.

William in his tuxedo, stood before Judge Raney, holding hands with tenderness.

Just as he did in his wonderfully funny first novel, Raney, Clyde Edgerton takes us inside the houses and hearts of people living in the modern South.

Property Manager Raney, plus an indefinite number of specialist, part-time, and temporary participants.

She could see him set the case down on the wide porch of the Raney house and wipe his forehead with a handkerchief.

Raney had an arm around her, watching with troubled eyes as Audie sipped from a steaming mug of coffee which she held in two trembling hands.

Raney said, and reached to Audie to tenderly brush strands of gray-threaded dark hair at her temple.

Raney and Audie, an arm around each other, walked toward the front door.

Rosie in her white muumuu, a crown of baby's breath in her hair, and William in his tuxedo, stood before Judge Raney, holding hands with tenderness.