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Rane (band)

Rane was a progressive pop jam band based in Hartford, CT. The band formed in 1995 and has released eight albums, including a self-titled album not officially recognized as part of the band's discography. The band also created its own record company in 1998, called Tides Records, the same year they released their first full-length album.

Rane (clan)

Rane is a surname found amongst the Maratha caste of India. It is found predominantly in Maharashtra and its neighbouring states. The Ranes claim descent from Rajputs who migrated from Udaipur to Deccan in 13th century. The word Rane is derived from the Rajput title Rana.

Notable people:

  • Datta Rane, politician
  • Harshvardhan Rane, actor
  • Jayesh Rane, footballer
  • Kartika Rane, actress
  • Narayan Rane, politician
  • Nitesh Narayan Rane, politician
  • Nilesh Narayan Rane, politician
  • Pratapsingh Rane, politician
  • Rama Raghoba Rane, soldier
  • Saili Rane, badminton player
  • Saraswati Rane, singer
  • Vishwajit Pratapsingh Rane, politician

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Rane (Madras)

Rane (Madras) Ltd is a part of the Rane Group of Companies involved in the manufacture and distribution of steering and suspension systems. The main components manufactured by the company include Manual Steering Gear Products (SGP) and Suspension & Steering Linkage Products (SSLP). The other products include tie rod assemblies, drag link assemblies, center link assemblies and gear shift ball joints. Automobile companies that use its products include Ashok Leyland, Volvo, M&M, Tafe, Tata among many others. Tata motors remains its major customer and is the primary parts manufacturer for Tata's Nano. The company has also set up a dedicated plant for Tata Nano in Sanand, Gujarat. The company was forced to change its manufacturing facility from West Bengal to Gujarat after Tata moved out.


Rane or Ranes may refer to:

Usage examples of "rane".

If I am still welcome in your house, I would like to ask Master Rane to teach me the remembrancing attitudes.

Danlo studied the remembrancing attitudes under Master Thomas Rane or spent long, lascivious hours with Tamara in front of a blazing wood fire learning a very different art, he kept his promise to renounce kalla.

One day as I was dragging my long, curling fingernails across the slatelike flagstones, I was thinking of the master remembrancer, Thomas Rane, turning over in my mind the implications of his memory of the god-man, Kelkemesh, and the primal myth.

All the Ringists in the warming pavilion Surya Lal and Thomas Rane and the inner circle, as well as many godchildren serving hot drinks and making important errands looked to him to orchestrate the evening's events.