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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1690s, Scottish, "aggressive, boisterous," probably from rand "to rave," an obsolete variant of rant (v.). In the original sense especially of beggars, "and probably implying vagrant habits as well as rude behavior" [OED]. Sense of "lewd, lustful" first recorded 1847. Related: Randiness.


a. 1 sexually aroused; full of sexual lust. 2 rude or coarse in manner, primarily Scotland in usage. n. 1 impudent beggar 2 boisterous, coarse, loose woman 3 virago 4 (context sports aerial freestyle skiing English) one and a half twist acrobatic maneuver

  1. adj. feeling great sexual desire; "feeling horny" [syn: aroused, horny, ruttish, turned on(p)]

  2. [also: randiest, randier]


Randy is both a given name, and a pet name in the English language, popular in North America. It is primarily a masculine name. It was originally derived from the names Randall, Randolf, Randolph, Bertrand and also Andrew. Randi is approximately the feminine equivalent of the name Randy.

Randy (band)

Randy is a Swedish punk rock band from Hortlax, Sweden, formed in 1992. They were first inspired by skate punk bands like NOFX and Propagandhi but after the release of The Rest Is Silence and the depart of their bass player Patrik Trydvall, they radically changed their musical style and adopted an older sound reminiscent of Thin Lizzy, The Misfits and Ramones.

While never achieving mainstream success, Randy have developed a cult following in the punk community over the years and were particularly successful in their homeland. The albums Welfare Problems and The Human Atom Bombs are especially well regarded by punk fans. In Sweden, they were nominated for the prestigious "Golden Microphone" award in 2004 as well as a Swedish Grammy for "Best Rock" performance. They were also signed by Burning Heart Records, a sub-label of Epitaph Records, in the early 2000s. So far, they have released six studio albums. The latest album is called Randy the Band, released in 2005. Randy were subsequently dropped from Burning Heart and are currently seeking a label to release a new album. In May 2012, drummer Fredrik Granberg made a post on the band's Facebook page, saying "Something might happen this summer. News coming up soon."

Randy (disambiguation)

Randy is both a pet name, and a given name in the English language, popular in North America.

Randy may also refer to:

  • Randy (album), a 1964 album by Randy Weston
  • Randy (band), Swedish punk rock band
  • Randy, an English slang adjective for being in a state of sexual arousal
Randy (album)

Randy (subtitled Băp!! Beep Boo-Bee Băp Beep-M-Boo Bee Băp!) is an album by American jazz pianist Randy Weston recorded in 1963 and originally released on Weston's own label, Bakton. The album was later reissued in 1972 on the Atlantic label under the title African Cookbook.

Usage examples of "randy".

Arkham House werewolf novel, published for the first time in Britain with a new Introduction by the author, an Afterword and interior illustrations by Stephen Jones, and a wraparound dustjacket by Randy Broecker.

Does Randy Karl Tucker realize that the aliens are in bodacious moldie bodies just down the block?

Here is a cottage nursery rhyme, genuinely silly:-- Right round my garden There I found a farden, Gave it to my mother To buy a little brother, Brother was so cross Sat him on a horse, Horse was so randy Gave him some brandy, Brandy was so strong Put him in the pond, Pond was so deep Put him in the cradle and rocked him off to sleep.

Then Vern Feck brought his linebackers over and we got Randy King to center for us so we could practice defending against the blitz, two setbacks and the center against blitz variations by the three linebackers.

There never was woman yet, young or auld, that was ill-set to a sodger, forbye yon randy Jael, wha maun hae been an unco trial to her man.

Randy Waterhouse, the quintessential computer geck, and Amy Shaftoe, salvage expert in training, to finish.

He barely noticed the pop of the top of the lube because he was focusing on not moving until Randy told him it was okay.

Laurent could see what Randy was referring to -- a mass of black cables that terminated in plugs which went into a large motherboard mounted on the wall.

There was, as Randy Trenholm had said, lots of discussion of the peculiar circumstances of his rollback, and he found reading it made his stomach turn.

When a man in a turban rode past on a unicycle, Parvati pulled Randy into a dark doorway.

Randy fired his attitudinal thrusters, but the enemy had come in too close.

I can tell you is I been trying to raise Randy and Barth for the past ten minutes.

As district ranger, Anna needed to find a way to include Barth and Randy, if only peripherally.

Parked in front were two NPS patrol cars: Randy Thigpen and Barth Dinkin.

She meant to talk with Stilwell about Randy and Barth, his take on their refusal to provide backup, but she found herself unable to bring the subject up.