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n. (plural of rand English)


Rands is the pen name and alter ego of Michael Lopp (born 1970 in California), a webcomic author, software engineering manager, and blogger. Lopp originally used the name "Rands" as his chat room handle; it became the name of his " grey"-styled alien character in his webcomic Jerkcity, and it is his persona when writing about software management. In 2010, he began working at Palantir after more than eight years at Apple. In June 2014 after 4 years he left Palantir for Pinterest.

Usage examples of "rands".

The elder son of the Rands, Ewald, witnessed the lynching, and it drove him insane.

I admit that the Rands and the Blackstones have been enemies for years.

By the time the Blackstones and the Rands hear this story they'll look at things in a new light.

It is he who has been to blame for all the recent trouble between the Rands and the Blackstones.

Blackstone and I have come to an understanding, and there will never be any­thing but a spirit of good-will between the Rands and the Blackstones from this time on.