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is a term used in Japanese martial arts to describe free-style practice. The term denotes an exercise in 取り tori, applying technique to a random ( 乱 ran) succession of uke attacks.

The actual connotation of randori depends on the martial art it is used in. In judo, jujitsu and Shodokan Aikido, among others, it most often refers to one-on-one sparring where partners attempt to resist and counter each other's techniques. In other styles of aikido, in particular Aikikai, it refers to a form of practice in which a designated aikidoka defends against multiple attackers in quick succession without knowing how they will attack or in what order.

Randori (album)

Randori is an album by Swiss pianist and composer Nik Bärtsch's band Ronin recorded in Switzerland in 2002 and first released on the Tonus Music label.

Usage examples of "randori".

A half-dozen muscular specimens were using it for some kind of randori, or live training.

Luis had beaten me in informal randori, judo practice, yet he had made me feel like twice a winner.

I should be home soaking my head, not going out for randori after my injury.

Steve had stopped their randori and were staring at me, as well they might.

They did randori that was almost like a kata, or judo playlet, alternating throws.

Since we meet every year or so, we enter into hours-long dialogue a bit like judo randori or free practice, bouncing ideas off each other, fitting them together, amplifying, integrating characters with action.