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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rance \Rance\ (r[a^]ns), n. [Etymol. uncertain.]

  1. A prop or shore. [Scot.]

  2. A round between the legs of a chair; also called a spreader.


n. 1 A type of coloured marble from Belgium. Rance is red and often has white or blue graining. 2 (context Scotland English) A prop or shore. 3 A round or spreader between the legs of a chair.

Rance (river)

The Rance is a river of northwestern France. It flows into the English Channel between Dinard and Saint-Malo.

Before reaching the Channel, its waters are barred by a 750 metre long dam forming the Rance tidal power plant.

The river is linked to the Vilaine by means of the Canal d'Ille-et-Rance.

Départements and towns along the river:

  • Côtes-d'Armor : Collinée, Caulnes, Dinan
  • Ille-et-Vilaine : Dinard, Saint-Malo

Ranče is a settlement in the eastern Pohorje Hills in the Municipality of Rače–Fram in northeastern Slovenia. Traditionally the area was part of Styria and is now included in the Drava Statistical Region.

Rance (disambiguation)

Rance is a Japanese series of erotic role-playing video games.

Rance may also refer to:

  • Rance (river) in northwestern France
  • Rancé, a commune in eastern France, near Lyon
  • Ranče, a small settlement in Slovenia
  • Rance (Belgium), part of the municipality of Sivry-Rance in Belgium
  • Charlie Rance (1889–1966), English footballer
  • Hubert Rance (1898–1974), British Governor of Burma
  • Rance Howard (born 1928), American actor
  • Rance Allen (born 1948), American gospel musician
  • Rance Mulliniks (born 1956), baseball player
  • Murray Rance (born 1962), Australian rules footballer
  • Alex Rance (born 1989), Australian rules footballer
  • Dean Rance (born 1991), English footballer

Usage examples of "rance".

And loup remembered the insolent face of the man who had insulted him, the man who had once insulted all rance by taking an eagle iouched by the Emperor himself.

A couple of evenings afterwards, Rance and Penny went to the Boomslang together.

Rance had long ago instilled in me the need to be an expert marlinspike sailor.

On the other hand, Rance, as may be inferred, was inwardly rejoicing, though when he perceived that Nick was eyeing him steadily he was careful to lower his eyes lest the little barkeeper should see the triumph shining beneath them.

Hesskett put Rance and Penny in a Lizard airplane from the air base near Monterrey to Mexico City.

Rance competed in everything from snowboarding to offtrack dirt bikes.

Rance Bieber turned out to be a man in his thirties, a great-grandson of Axel Bieber.

Rance Holden tried to crawl out from behind the counter while his wife glared, and Thompson blathered as though somebody had just fallen into a mill saw.

Richard was small and lithe and surrounded by bodyguards who looked a lot nastier than the ones Rance and Penny had along.

Albert Rance took his family, kids an' dogs an' all, into Oklahoma City one Christmus.

Neither could Rance Auerbach, but she could always reach him on a public telephone whenever she needed to.

Sometimes it was hard to tell tropical languor from being a lazy bum, but Rance didn't feel easy about leaning on a guy half his age who outweighed him almost two to one and packed a pistol to boot.