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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ranal \Ra"nal\ (r[=a]"nal), a. (Bot.) Having a general affinity to ranunculaceous plants.

Ranal alliance (Bot.), a name proposed by Lindley for a group of natural orders, including Ranunculace[ae], Magnoliace[ae], Papaverace[ae], and others related to them.

Usage examples of "ranal".

Gratefully, she fell in behind Dunnis, with Ranal, Hirl, and Loric following her.

Hirl and Ranal had a child clinging to each hand, as they had clung to Eirran.

Mouse and Bird, who had been riding with Ranal, were trying their best to help but were succeeding only in getting in the way.

Behind him Ranal and Loric crowded close, as if each was impatient and fearful that the other would be allowed to go before him.

Then, while Ranal gathered wood and built a fire, she industriously proceeded to sweep the rest of the house.

Lieutenant Ranal sawed hard on the reins, and the horse reared against the skyline.

King was planning to wed his only daughter to the losing rival knight, Sir Ranal, Earl of Hodynaar.

After a long moment, during which she entirely ignored the ramrod-straight Lieutenant Ranal, she finally turned to the man.