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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ramus \Ra"mus\ (r[=a]"m[u^]s), n.; pl. Rami (r[=a]"m[imac]). (Nat. Hist.) A branch; a projecting part or prominent process; a ramification.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"a branch" (anatomical), 1803, from Latin ramus "a branch, bough, twig," related to radix "root;" see radish.


n. 1 (context biology English) A branching, as of nerves or blood vessels. 2 (context anatomy English) A bony projection, particularly of the jaw, but also in the groin area, both subject to the maturing process of symphysis.

  1. n. the posterior part of the mandible that is more or less vertical

  2. [also: rami (pl)]


Ramus can refer to:

  • A branch (botany)
  • A portion of a bone (from Latin ramus, "branch"), as in the Ramus of the mandible or Superior pubic ramus
  • A nerve ramus such as the Dorsal ramus of spinal nerve
  • Petrus Ramus
  • A taxonomic rank ("branch" in English) intermediate between subkingdom and infrakingdom.
  • Webster, Illinois, a settlement initially known as "Ramus"

Usage examples of "ramus".

Mieltrude and Sune stared raptly at Ramus Ymph, though with different expressions.

A single act of urging therefore is sufficient to seat Ramus Ymph upon the seat of the Fifth Servant.

Should the four Servants agree that Ramus Ymph somehow falls short, perhaps in trivial degree, then Ramus Ymph may not be seated, and the Four must urge another Ymph whom they deem more suitable.

The sallow complexion of Myrus the Mneiodes had become darker as Ramus Ymph spoke, and eventually achieved the color of damp clay.

With my effusive compliments and most glorious best wishes to Ramus Ymph, I will somewhat indecisively refrain from calling him to Service.

As for Ramus, if we make him a Servant, we keep him out of mischief, so to speak.

The Nunciant uttered a set of ritual exclamations, and again Ramus Ymph stepped forward.

I have deliberated long and painfully, and I now feel that we should urge Ramus Ymph into a new and special category, that of extraordinary counsel, where he can operate with flexible scope.

If I urged Ramus Ymph into the Servantry I would limit his efficacy, and I will not do so.

Odd that both, with apparently equal fervor, favored the advancement of Ramus Ymph.

Why had the man, whom I now know to be Ramus Ymph, traveled this remote region in such a peculiar style?

I telephoned from the infirmary: they had not seen Ramus Ymph, his ercycle or his perrupters.

Thereafter I carefully studied the ground, hoping to discover where Ramus Ymph had joined the trail.

I remembered the sounds I had heard during the morning, and I was quite certain: Ramus Ymph had alighted from a space-ship.

I was certain that a space-ship had landed to discharge the man I now know as Ramus Ymph.