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n. (plural of rampart English)

Ramparts (magazine)

Ramparts was a glossy illustrated American political and literary magazine, published from 1962 through 1975 and closely associated with the New Left political movement. Unlike most of the radical magazines of the day, Ramparts was expensively produced and graphically sophisticated, effectively reaching an audience that may have been put off by the grittier "movement" publications of the time.

Usage examples of "ramparts".

Where they came out of the trees, Autun rose before them, its main ramparts clambering along a defensible hill and more recent settlements sprawled below the old walls along the river, each ringed by a palisade.

Gent milites clattered back through the gates, they swept through a little market of beggars and poor folk gathered in the broad forecourt beyond the ramparts, almost trampling a ragged woman with a basket of herbs for sale.

Torches burned all night along the palisade wall and up on the ramparts, and they had to make numerous expeditions into the forest to haul in cartloads of wood or armfuls of cow parsley and hemlock whose hollow stems, stuffed with fuel, made efficient little torches easy to hold in a hand.

Here, upstream from the village, the river cut so close below the earthworks that the ramparts rose right out of the water except for a thin strand of pebbly beach from which the men swam.

She passed up a narrow causeway between two huge ramparts of earth and came out onto the level field that marked the highest ground.

Angenheim boasted earthen ramparts and a double ring of wooden palisades surrounding the low hill on which the palace complex lay.

Through the gate this falling woman sees onto the middle world, the world known to humankind: there in the middle world, a huge tumulus ringed by half-ruined ramparts rests in silence.

She knows this hill and these ramparts, now worn away, crumbling under the hand of an immeasurable force she cannot name.

Now and again he saw men walking along the embankment or hauling water or firewood up through the cleft where two ramparts met and overlapped.

Here, along the ramparts, even children armed themselves with clubs and staves.

Pompey had his three legions of veteran volunteers camped inside well-fortified ramparts some five miles from Auximum on the banks of a tributary of the Aesis River.

Only to find Sulla sitting behind his enormous ramparts in complete control of the road.

Pompey sent a full legion to the rescue, then spent the next hours pacing up and down the ramparts of his camp looking anxiously northward.

Thirty-five thousand men labored with such logic and organization that the camp was finished in one day, though each side measured one mile in length, the timber-reinforced ramparts were twenty-five feet high, there were towers every two hundred paces, and the ditch in front of the walls was twenty feet deep.

The ground sloped steeply up and the ramparts loomed dark and solid above them.