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Ramón or Ramon may refer to:

Ramón (singer)

Ramón del Castillo Palop (born 3 May 1985) is a Spanish singer best known for representing the state at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul.

Usage examples of "ramon".

Daon Ramon wore snow rime like snagged silk around weathered rims of bared rock.

Ramon Montero had been inconveniently born in Monterey, Mexico, and had dragged himself up by his sandal straps.

Once and for all, they were going to take down Ramon Montero and all his associates.

After that day, if Morre had revealed himself to truly be a pretender to the throne of the Emperor of the Four Kingdoms and in league with El Diablo, himself, atop it all, not a noble or man of the tax train but would have raised his banner and his war cry, and Conde-Imperial Ramon would have been first.

The way of the tax train now lay souththrough the grand duchy of Durango and so back to Guadalajara and the imperial courtand Ramon tried every argument and enticement he could muster to attempt to persuade Morre to accompany him, rather than following his announced course north, through the inhospitable and bandit-infested desert to Ciudad Juarez and El Paso del Norte.

Yes, at San Ramon, a little portless place some way down the coast of Peru.

It would be late Sunday evening before Judy returned, but Senyor Ramon Carlos Castillo did not need to know that.

She was in the house of Senyor Ramon Carlos Castillo, an unwilling, and unwelcome, guest.

Afterward she danced a stately measure, with Senyor Rivas, followed in tam by Senyor Martinez, and still Ramon did not come near her again.

Here the main offenders had been a marijuana and cocaine trafficker by the name of Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros and a Mexican friend of his, Felix Gallardo.

Pont Neuf, were addressed to Ferdinando Ramon San, a name Adams borrowed from one of the muleteers on the trek across Spain.

We are yours--we will die for you, no matter what Don Ramon, or the Comandante, or the Ayuntamiento, shall decide.

One of the men held the fray while Ramon beat him with the leaded buttstock of his wrist quirt.

Ramon Korbuscek, desperate to retrieve the device he had planted inside Euterpe, threw open the door to the missile silo and stepped out onto the catwalk.

Ramon did as he was bidden and ate, carving strips off the gordita with the wire knife.