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Ramme is a river of Lower Saxony, Germany.

Ramme (disambiguation)

Ramme (disambiguation) may refer to:

  • Ramme, a river in Lower Saxony, Germany
  • Ramme Gaard, an organic farm and country estate, located just north of Hvitsten in Akershus municipality, on the coast of Norway

Usage examples of "ramme".

At the hour prefixt, the Lord Mayor and his train marched up in martial equipage to Ramme Alley.

And as to the Power of Separating, and Shutting up of furious Rammes, (by which hee meaneth Christian Kings that refuse to submit themselves to the Roman Pastor,) our Saviour refused to take upon him that Power in this world himself, but advised to let the Corn and Tares grow up together till the day of Judgment: much lesse did hee give it to St.