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Ramm may refer to the following people

Given name
  • Ramm Hansen (1879–1971) Norwegian born American architect
  • Alexander Ramm (born 1940), American mathematician
  • Alexandra Ramm-Pfemfert (1883–1963), German-Russian translator, publisher and gallery owner
  • Benjamin Ramm (born 1982), British commentator on liberal politics
  • Bernard Ramm (1916–1992), American Baptist theologian and apologist
  • Eilert Waldemar Preben Ramm (1769–1837), Norwegian military officer
  • Colin Ramm (1921–2014), Australian particle physicist
  • Eva Ramm (born 1925), Norwegian psychologist, essayist, novelist and children's writer
  • Fredrik Ramm (1892–1943), Norwegian journalist
  • Friedrich Ramm (1744–1813), German oboist
  • Haley Ramm (born 1992), American actress
  • Harald Ramm (1895–1970), Norwegian barrister
  • John Ramm, English comedian and actor
  • Leandra Ramm (born 1984), American singer-songwriter, actress and television performer
  • Nikolai Ramm Østgaard (1885–1958), Norwegian military officer
  • Nick Ramm, British pianist and composer
  • Nils Ramm (1903–1986), Swedish boxer
  • Nils Arntzen Ramm (1903–1974), Norwegian engineer, military captain, and businessperson
  • Olaf von Ramm, Canadian engineer
  • Regine Ramm Bjerke (born 1949), Norwegian judge

Usage examples of "ramm".

Rudolf Ramm, Kurt Blome, Gerhard Wagner, and Walter Gross all believed absolutely in their ideology, theory, and linguistic paradigms.

As Ramm observes, the smashed cars and the injured people are irrefutable evidence on which all agreed.