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Usage examples of "rames".

He stared at me and at the dead Rames, then questioned me with his eyes.

While Rames lies there dead, love is frightened, but once his clay is gone, who knows?

But I forgot, I came to warn you that a certain decree has been uttered against you, the same, Queen, that you have uttered against Rames, also to protect you, if I can.

As I think, none saw me go, for, forgetful of their promised vengeance, the priests and priestesses were gathered trembling about the corpse of Rames in the inmost court of the Temple of Truth, though it is true that I felt the baleful eyes of Amenartas watching me.

But in 1877 Rames made his own discoveries of flint implements in the same region, at Puy Courny, a site near Aurillac.