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Usage examples of "ramel".

Also Ramel fears he may have given away other clues without intending.

I want you to take the boy Ramel and lead them to Tucumai ahead of Vinaro.

Although the weird two-note crooning kept on, Ramel at last slumbered.

He dropped the handcuffs he had been about to put on Ramel and snatched up his beloved Thompson.

Major, too, but the contents of the third Tarzan quickly divided between Ramel and himself.

The power hum came, and Ramel knew the silver bees were speeding through the golden sunlight.

At the moment he is with the boy Ramel, presumably on the Rondeau Plateau.

He proposed that Ramel ride on the back of Major, who was doing a wonderful job for a lion of covering territory.

Her eyes betrayed no surprise, though what her free thumb gestured toward was Major and Ramel, now a few yards behind Tarzan.

If Sophia had been a sports fan or if Malpole had told Ramel of baseball or even cricket, they might have remarked on his delivery.

After she had seen how easily Ramel managed, she had been persuaded to.

Since he had already come about 100 yards, that should be the return-tunnel Ramel had mentioned.

Sophia or Ramel must have lighted it and left it there, with the idea that it might help him.

Through the blackness he followed the scents of Ramel, Sophia, and the others toward Tucumai.

Now, too, it was no longer surprising Ramel had known so much about aircraft.