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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ramed \Ramed\ (r[a^]md), a. Having the frames, stem, and sternpost adjusted; -- said of a ship on the stocks.


a. Having the frames, stem, and sternpost adjusted; — said of a ship on the stocks.

Usage examples of "ramed".

Killick and Ramed vanished from the screen in a startled dissolve of sparkles.

When Ramed and the others in his clan would gather to discuss various fine points of Eenza law, or go over the predictions of Ontear and Suti to see how they applied to the modern world, she was a bit intimidated by it all.

It was nothing short of miraculous, really, that the scroll had found its way through the centuries to Ramed without word of its full contents filtering outside of the sphere of its caretakers.

There, Talila bustled about with tremendous excitement as Ramed watched her go about her business with a paternal sort of smile.

Killick, Ramed, and all the others were looking at him, and instead he simply shrugged graciously.

Calhoun entered, Killick and Ramed on either side of him, Zak Kebron directly behind him.

It was carefully preserved within a tube, and Ramed removed it from the cylinder with extreme delicacy.

The moment that Ramed was close enough, however, Calhoun made his move.

He started to sit up, but Ramed held the spear out in a vaguely threatening fashion and Calhoun stopped moving.

Burgoyne approached cautiously, aware that Ramed seemed rather adept with the weapon.

Zondar, in the name of the Savior, who had to become a martyr if there was going to be an end to warfare, Ramed would find the inner strength.

STOOD THERE, chest bared, eyes closed, a look of serene peace on hir face, as Ramed lunged forward with his spear at hir unprotected breast.

It was because Burgoyne had caught the point, hir hand moving so quickly that Ramed had never even seen it coming.

Ramed, enveloping him, searching out all his weaknesses, and Ramed cried out in fear, for it was everywhere, the creature was everywhere, giving him no peace, giving him nowhere to hide.

And suddenly Ramed began to wrestle with the spear with renewed effort.