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vb. (context provincial Northern England English) To complain; moan; weep, cry.


"Rame" is a rare word in English which means branch. Rame is also the name of two villages in Cornwall:

  • Rame, Maker-with-Rame, in southeast Cornwall
    • Rame Head, a coastal headland near the first of these, as well as the Rame Peninsula
  • Rame, Wendron, towards the southwest of Cornwall

Rame may also refer to:

  • Rame, Estonia, village in Hanila Parish, Lääne County, Estonia
  • Rame Head (Victoria) in Australia
  • Rameh, a village in Northern Israel
  • Rama (Gaul), an ancient town in Gaul near La Roche-de-Rame
  • Rame, the name of a fictional alien race created by Redmond A. Simonsen for the science fiction board wargaming titles Starforce: Alpha Centauri and StarSoldier, published by Simulations Publications, Inc.. copyrights 1974 and 1977 respectively.
  • RAME, the newsgroup rec.arts.movies.erotica and website, creator and host of the Internet Adult Film Database
  • Rame, a single by German eurodance group Snap!

Usage examples of "rame".

Seth would have liked to rest and digest it, but Rame gave him no time for that.

How wrong he had been, when he had thought Rame was treating Malape as a servant!

Seth was nervous about this, not sure what monsters might slither through such reaches, but Rame seemed unconcerned.

Seth had to slow down to help Rame, whose hoofs were not made for climbing any more than for hard rock.

Seth wondered whether the woman had had to change in front of the guard, as he and Rame had, and what her reaction might have been to that.

The two others might have been known before, but neither Rame nor Seth himself had given their names.

Both you and your doubles look exactly alike, and your doubles are all alive in their respective planes, except in the case of Rame, who needed no such translation.

Empire were instructed to assist any obvious strangers to come to this spot, as Rame knows.

He looked at the faces of Rame, Vidav and Tirsa, and knew that their worlds also faced serious problems.

But all of you, Rame not excepted, lack the ability of self-driven magic.

Meanwhile, Rame conjured many new foods into his reed whistle, perhaps more than he actually ate.

Seth remembered the fight he and Rame had had with the smaller valley trolls, who had thought they had the advantage because of their numbers.

Then Rame took baby-steps, that moved him only about ten feet at a time, so as to be able to move between trees without overlapping any.

But Rame turned at right angles, skirted the clearing, came to the edge of a large field, and took a giant step across it.

They were fortunate that Rame was the one in charge, because he was by far the most skilled in this type of thing.