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Raman (crater)

Raman is a small lunar crater that lies on the western edge of a plateau feature in the expansive lunar mare named Oceanus Procellarum. It shares this plateau with the lava-flooded Herodotus and Aristarchus to the southeastern. To the northeast of Raman is the small peak named Mons Herodotus. To the northwest on the mare is the long, narrow range named the Montes Agricola.

This is an elongated crater formation, with a secondary feature bulging out along the southeast rim. The inner walls of this crater have a higher albedo than the surrounding terrain, which is indicative of a relatively youthful formation. This crater was previously designated Herodotus D, a satellite crater of Herodotus, before being named by the IAU.


In the Indo-Iranian world Raman is:

  • One of the names of the Hindu God Rama
  • An important divinity in Zoroastrianism
Raman (film)

Raman (English: Travelogue of Invasion) is a 2008 Malayalam film written and directed by Dr. Biju. A controversial and much debated-over socio-political film, it shows two variants of invasion by imperialist forces—of Iraq and Kerala. The film was an official selection for eight international film festivals including the prestigious Cairo International Film Festival.

According to the director, the film "shows how economic, cultural and military invasion by the U.S. ends up annihilating third-world countries like India and Iraq." George W. Bush has been described as a "political terrorist" in the film.

Usage examples of "raman".

The Ramen are hardy, and I have taught my Cords the care of such wounds.

Then some of the younger Cords hurried forward with their trenchers, carrying food and drink to the circles, while others brought waterskins so that the sitting Ramen and their guests could wash their hands.

By agreeing to this, you will help me fulfill my own pact with Yogi Raman.

As far as she could tell, they were all there, Liand and Stave, Manethrall Hami, perhaps as many as thirty other Ramen: everyone except Anele.

Liand with a smile, a small group of Ramen entered the shelter: Hami, Mahrtiir, and two or three Cords.

Just as Nanoannie was closing her eyes and spacing out, the insinuating Thujone fragrance was overpowered by the salt-piss smell of cheap ramen.

A ramen bar Sarah and I had skulked in while the heat from the Gemini Biosys gig died down, eyes hooked to newsnet broadcasts and a corner videophone with a smashed screen that was supposed to ring, any time now.

Talk, cheaper than the big bowls of ramen, about big scores and yakuza connections, tickets north and beyond, new sleeves and new worlds.

Raman needs a left-handed blivet, he punches out the correct code number, and a copy is manufactured from the pattern in here.

Special Agent Raman promised, helping Ryan into it, and disguising him as one of the several hundred firefighters roaming around.

Raman owned a digital recording system, and again there was a punch code programmed in by the manufacturer.

She was fed up with people who never forgave, the Ramen as much as the Haruchai.

It wasn't that Grandma didn't eat with enthusiasmshe ate instant oatmeal with cinnamon apples, instant mashed potatoes with gravy, cups full of instant ramen noodles with flavoring (add boiling water).

As a boy in Kyoto, after reading everything he could find about the first Raman expedition, Takagishi had wondered what it would be like to stand in the center of one of those alien plazas and stare upward at buildings created by beings from another star.

The Ravers tried to react, but could not move quickly enough against the resistance of the Ramen.