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Rall is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • David Rall (1926–1999), American environmental health scientist and administrator
  • Günther Rall (1918–2009), German military pilot
  • Johann Rall (1726–1776), German officer of Hessian troops in the American revolutionary war
  • Ted Rall (born 1963), American cartoonist
  • Tommy Rall (born 1929), American dancer
  • Wilfrid Rall, American neuroscientist

Usage examples of "rall".

The result of the contest might have been doubtful, had not Colonel Rall, commanding his own regiment and that named after Knyphausen, also forded the Bronx, outflanked the Americans, and assisted the troops which were making the attack in front.

This force crossed over to New York island by Kings Bridge at half-past five in the morning, and was divided into two columns, the right-hand one under Colonel Rall, the left under Major-general Schmidt.

Schmidt, Stirn, and Rall, and the troops under their command, were mentioned in general orders, and the captured fort was named Fort Knyphausen.

Hessians, which bore the names of Rall, von Knyphausen, and von Lossberg.

Von Donop, who commanded at Bordentown, sent a captain of engineers to Trenton to induce Rall to allow the place to be fortified, but the latter was obstinate.

Leslie, who commanded at Princeton, had sent word that Washington was preparing to cross the Delaware, but Rall gave no serious heed.

At twilight on Christmas night, 1776, General Washington prepared to pass the Delaware with 2000 men to attack 1500 of the enemy, chiefly Hessians, who were stationed under the Hessian Colonel Rall at Trenton.

Colonel Rall, aroused from slumber, quickly put his men in fighting order.

The British and Hessians forded the river, and the Hessians, part of the newly arrived 7,000 led by Colonel Johann Rall, launched the uphill charge.

General Knyphausen had not stopped Colonel Rall, I am convinced he would have been in the fort in five minutes.

In the view of both General Grant and Colonel Mackenzie, an all-out slaughter of Americans had been avoided only because General Knyphausen stopped Colonel Rall and his Hessians from entering the fort.

British army no longer, but a holding force of 1,500 Hessians settled in for the winter under the command of Colonel Johann Rall, the veteran officer who had led the fierce Hessian assaults at White Plains and Fort Washington.

Their commander, Colonel Rall, had established himself in an ample frame house on King Street, the home of an owner of an iron furnace, Stacy Potts, who was happy to have the colonel as his guest.

Gottlieb Rall was a sturdy, able career soldier, and at age fifty-six a senior among officers.

Captain Johann Ewald, as fair-minded as any Hessian officer who served in America, later wrote that many who criticized Rall after his death were not fit to have carried his sword.