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RAL may refer to:

  • RAL colour standard
  • Radio Amateurs of Lebanon
  • Refund anticipation loan
  • Riverside Municipal Airport IATA airport code
  • Royal Arctic Line, a Greenlandic cargo company
  • Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
  • Zearalenone, a chemical compound
  • Ras-related proteins Ral-A or Ral-B

Usage examples of "ral".

Five minutes after AdmiRal Chapman Jirom left his office, Gren began a meeting with another two officials, but then over his intercom speaker his secretary announced the arrival of Lieutenant Lambda Ral of the Secret Service.

When Lambda Ral finished his sentence, he coughed softly and looked up at Gren.

And, equally important, is Lieutenant Lambda Ral informed of your assignment?

Gren was fanatical about secrecy, but from what Claret had said, Lambda Ral obviously blabbed far too much.

Before Lambda Ral finished his sentence, an enormous flare of light burst out of the end of the distant cylinder.

The result of the contest might have been doubtful, had not Colonel Rall, commanding his own regiment and that named after Knyphausen, also forded the Bronx, outflanked the Americans, and assisted the troops which were making the attack in front.

This force crossed over to New York island by Kings Bridge at half-past five in the morning, and was divided into two columns, the right-hand one under Colonel Rall, the left under Major-general Schmidt.

Schmidt, Stirn, and Rall, and the troops under their command, were mentioned in general orders, and the captured fort was named Fort Knyphausen.

Hessians, which bore the names of Rall, von Knyphausen, and von Lossberg.

Von Donop, who commanded at Bordentown, sent a captain of engineers to Trenton to induce Rall to allow the place to be fortified, but the latter was obstinate.

Leslie, who commanded at Princeton, had sent word that Washington was preparing to cross the Delaware, but Rall gave no serious heed.

At twilight on Christmas night, 1776, General Washington prepared to pass the Delaware with 2000 men to attack 1500 of the enemy, chiefly Hessians, who were stationed under the Hessian Colonel Rall at Trenton.

Colonel Rall, aroused from slumber, quickly put his men in fighting order.

The British and Hessians forded the river, and the Hessians, part of the newly arrived 7,000 led by Colonel Johann Rall, launched the uphill charge.

General Knyphausen had not stopped Colonel Rall, I am convinced he would have been in the fort in five minutes.