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This child of Rakshi with its seemingly endless capacity for ruttingthis creature of the Ley, whose body healed with miraculous swiftness, had drawn Mikhyel dunMheric into the very pit of his own black nature that he had de flected all his life.

Thyerri had never known whether to bless or to curse Rakshi for that gift.

And Thyerri wondered if Rakshi had given him back his dance just so he could die.

Had been from the moment Bharlori had issued that first challenge to Rakshi weeks ago.

A pattern had begun, budded in that careless challenge to Rakshi, and he feared nothing could halt its fruition.

A radical dance captivated an audience and glorified the dance and Rakshi and the very essence of life.

Rhyys says, obviously Rakshi doesn't want me to dance for him, or Rakshi would have made my number rise to the surface before the rings went down.

When I was bitter and believed Rakshi had deserted me and you were nothing but a rijhili.

And a somber man stepped forward to say that the spirit of contestant #00 had joined Rakshi that day, and that the body of contestant #00 would be immersed in three days.

Everyone's heard rumors, of course, about the Children of Rakshi, but" "I haven't.

That Can's deeds should ultimately intersect a man with the power and character to absolve his legal guilt, in that, yes, your Rakshi might well have had a hand.

Tell me, Kiyrstin, does the term Child of Rakshi mean anything to you?

Tell himtell him the Barrister's Child of Rakshi sent you, and Rhyys is not Rhyys.

I am angry at Rakshi, at the twist of fate that granted you so much and left the rest of us with so little.

He was not a dancer, not a Child of Rakshi, and Mother did not dictate his life.