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Raka can refer to:

  • A Turkish rendering of the Arabic geographical name Ar Raqqah
  • Raka'ah, one unit of Islamic prayer, or Salat
  • Raka Maomao
  • Rajdhani College
  • Raka, Burkina Faso
  • Raka, Tibet
  • Raka, Krško, a village in the Municipality of Krško, southeastern Slovenia
  • Raka, Järva County, village in Ambla Parish, Järva County, Estonia
  • Raka, Rapla County, village in Rapla Parish, Rapla County, Estonia
  • Raka, a poem in Afrikaans by Nicolaas Petrus van Wyk Louw
  • Raka (1983 film), a Pakistani film starring Sultan Rahi and Mustafa Qureshi
Raka (mythology)

In Cook Islands mythology, Raka (Trouble) was the god of winds and storms. He was the fifth child of the Great Mother, Vari. Raka found a congenial home in Moana-Irakau (Deep ocean). According to Gill, Raka received from Vari a great basket, in which contained the hidden winds, as well as the knowledge of many useful inventions. The children of Raka are the numerous winds and storms which distress mankind. Each child was assigned a hole in the horizon through which he blew at pleasure. Gill's informant, Mamae, gives his wife and children but not the parents of the wife, Takatipa; whoever they were, they formed additional contemporaries of Vari.