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RAK or rak may refer to:

Rak (stream)

The Rak is a stream in Inner Carniola, a traditional region of southeastern Slovenia. It sources in Zelše Caves west of the village of Zelše, flows across the Rak Škocjan karst valley for and enters Weaver's Cave , where it continues for and merges in Planina Cave , about from its entrance, with the Pivka River to form the Unica. The confluence of the Rak and the Pivka is one of the largest subterranean confluences in Europe.

Rak (surname)

The surname Rak or Rák may refer to:

  • Nikola Rak (born 1987), Croatian footballer
  • Richmond Rak (born 1985), Ghanaian-Swiss footballer
  • Róbert Rák (born 1978), Slovak footballer
  • Štěpán Rak (born 1945), Rusyn-born Czech classical guitarist and composer

Usage examples of "rak".

He realized at the same time that he knew very little about Eriond and what might have happened to him before they had found him at Rak Cthol.

Zandramas has to be in Mallorea with Prince Geran by this coming spring, and the route must be by way of Rak Verkat.

Zakath has put a very handsome price on the head of Zandramas, and the Mallorean reserves are concentrated at Rak Hagga.

Agachak and King Urgit will place you and your servants on board a ship which will lake you around the southern end of the Urga peninsula to Rak Cthaka.

Your entire service to me consists of concealing him within your party as you journey to Rak Haggaa small thing, but your reward will be great.

Revered Elder, but will I not have difficulty explaining my presence to the Malloreans if I have no slaves to sell in the mart at Rak Hagga?

You will earn every one of them by the time you reach Rak Hagga, I think.

The channel running from the Great Western Sea into the Gulf of Urga was not wide, and Garion could clearly make out the low stone buildings of Rak Urga squatting under a murky sky on the far side.

The harbor of Rak Urga was even more congested with ships than it had appeared to be from the other side.

I was passing this way anyhow, he asked me to stop by and deliver a message to Agachak, the Hierarch of Rak Urga.

Jaharb, Chief Elder at Mount Kahsha, for the ears of Agachak, Hierarch of Rak Urga.

I was told that Jaharb, Agachak, and King Urgit have reason to want one Kabach transported safely to Rak Hagga.

Agachak, the Hierarch of Rak Urga, was a cadaverous-looking man with a long beard.

Its domes and towers rose in barbaric, torch-lit profusion, and, unlike the rest of Rak Urga, it was garishly painted in a half-dozen conflicting colors.

Urgas have been pillaging the treasury at Rak Goska for centuries to decorate the Drojim Palace, but would you believe that the roof still leaks?