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Rajkowy (historical names: Raicovo, Raycow, Raichowe, Reykow, Reichenek; Kashubian: Rôjkòwë; ) is a large and historically significant village of the Kociewie Land, in the administrative district of Gmina Pelplin, within Tczew County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, in northern Poland. It lies approximately north of Pelplin, south-east of Tczew, and south of the regional capital Gdańsk.

Rajkowy finds its first mention in history in 1224 in the context of the donation of some of its lands to the Oliwa Abbey by Swietopelk II, Duke of Pomerania. The village was deeded in its entirety to the Abbey by Mestwin II in 1289. For details of the history of the region, see History of Pomerania.

The village has a population of 1,677.