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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ We were to take the bind rajah to his wedding in style.
▪ Which meant sorting out wheat from chaff, and living like a rajah while he did so.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rajah \Ra"jah\ (r[aum]"j[aum] or r[=a]"j[.a]), n. [Hind. r[=a]j[=a], Skr. r[=a]jan, akin to L. rex, regis. See Regal, a.] A native prince or king; also, a landholder or person of importance in the agricultural districts. [India]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also raja, "king or prince in India," 1550s, from Hindi, from Sanskrit rajan "king," related to raj "kingdom, kingship," rajati "he rules," and cognate with Latin rex, Old Irish rig "king" (see regal). Related: Rajput, "member of the ruling caste in northern India" (1590s), from Sanskrit rajaputrah "prince," literally "king's son," from putrah "son, boy" (see puerile).


n. a Hindu prince or ruler in India


n. a Hindu prince or king in India [syn: raja]

Rajah (dog)

Rajah the German Shepherd Dog (billed as " Methven's Wonder Dog") was a working and performance dog in New Zealand during the 1930s. Rajah was the first, although unofficial, police dog in New Zealand and was nominated as a replacement for Rin Tin Tin during his time in Methven. Rajah amassed fame throughout the country for his acting performances and locating work performed with the New Zealand Police, in multiple locations throughout the South Island, New Zealand.

Rajah (disambiguation)


''See also Raja (disambiguation).

Rajah may refer to:

  • Rajah, an alternate spelling of raja, Sanskrit word for king and meaning "monarch" throughout the Indian Subcontinent.
  • Rajah (comics), a fictional character in the Marvel Universe
  • Rajah, an orange-striped tiger from Disney's Aladdin (1992 Disney film).

Usage examples of "rajah".

There, under two green umbrellas, like two fat rajahs in their shaking howdahs upon the backs of two white elephants, the friends would sit in solemn equanimity awaiting the evasive cunner, the vagrant perch or cod or the occasional flirtatious eel.

Kelly took command of the force, and begged the Rajah to advance with his horsemen, at once, to the foot of the ghauts, to break it up into half troops, and to capture or destroy any small parties of horse Tippoo might send down, by any of the passes, to reconnoitre the country and ascertain the movements and strength of the British forces.

When we get down the ghauts I shall hand you over to the care of my mother, who is living at present at Tripataly with her brother, the Rajah.

We visited yesterday a Malay kampong called Mambu, in order to pay an unceremonious visit to the Datu Bandar, the Rajah second in rank to the reigning prince.

The sight of the girl being borne away in the prahu of the Malay rajah to a fate worse than death, had roused in him both keen regret and savage rage, but it was the life of ease that he was losing that concerned him most.

Rajah Muda Saffir had no stomach for a fight himself, but he was loathe to lose the prize he had but just won, and seeing that his men were panic-stricken he saw no alternative but to rally them for a brief stand that would give the little moment required to slip away in his own prahu with the girl.

Then he resumed his watch for the friendly prahu, or smaller sampan which he knew time would eventually bring from up or down the river to his rescue, for who of the surrounding natives would dare refuse succor to the powerful Rajah of Sakkan!

The quick eye of the Dyak chieftain recognized the prahu of Rajah Muda Saffir where it lay upon the beach, but he said nothing to his white companion of what it augured--it might be well to discover how the land lay before he committed himself too deeply to either faction.

He reached out with his hand, a gold ring gleaming in the midday sun, and touched Rajah cautiously on the top of the ruffed head.

He is having a business conversation just now with some Rajahs, whose numerous followers are standing and lying about, and Eblis is sitting on his shoulder with one arm round his neck, while Mahmoud sits on the table opening letters, and the siamang, sitting on the rafter, is looking down with an unpleasant look.

Lord Krishna, who in his wisdom has seen fit to deliver the zamindar to the distant palace of the rajah that our Lord may be worshipped in splendor, it is only appropriate that I too should give Krishna thanks and do him homage through the traditional means of self-sacrifice.

The rajah had been so delighted that he asked the zamindar to invite this clever lad to visit him and perhaps verbally joust with the court advisors, whom, the rajah felt, could well use the competition.

Hari could think of no reason not to answer the question, so he told the guru how he had acquired the medallion and of his promise to return it to the zamindar following his visit with the rajah.

The Zamorin, as they called the Rajah of Calicut, ended by taking part with the old friends from the Arabian Seas, who supplied his country with grain, against the visitors who came in questionable shape.

Scindia, the MahaRajah of Gwalior, and Bhonsla, the Rajah of Berar, sat on musnuds, elegant raised platform-thrones that were draped in brocade and sheltered from the intrusive rain by silk parasols.